Certified Mastectomy Fittings

Are you wearing the correct size bra?  Having the correct fit of a bra makes a huge difference in a comfortable wearing and proper support.  After a mastectomy or reconstructive surgery it is important not only to have regular bra fittings but to use a Certified Mastectomy Fitter to ensure that you have both the proper bra fit and prosthesis size matched together. 

Custom Wig Ordering

Selecting a wig that looks great and you feel comfortable and confident wearing is easier when you are working with a professional that knows what selections are available to help you choose. With a large variety of styles and colors in the boutique it is possible to try on different options and see the differences in person before placing a custom order if you don't find one in stock with the best style and color combination for you.    

Insurance Billing

Bring your current prescription in to take advantage of the insurance benefits you have. Most insurance companies cover 6-12 new bras each year and a new prosthesis at least every other year or with an updated prescription when you have amounts of weight loss or gain in excess of 10 lb.  Your benefits will be checked to help you know what will be covered and billed for you.  

Personal Shopping Service 

A great service if you want to look put together and have a style created custom for you that best suites your body shape, personality, and lifestyle but either you don't enjoy shopping or don't have time.  An initial consultation can be scheduled before or after normal business hours to meet you and determine a budget, amount of outfits, and frequency for updates.